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This is from several trades. If you're not on here, let me know.
I rate you. If it's 6 or above, it's a WTA.
4 or below, WNTA.
5, DK

Well, this was actually my first trade. I sold him the alt Permanent. I left feedback and all that. However it didn't go as smooth as I thought it would and even though I told him to leave feedback and how to leave feedback, he still didn't do it. Was disappointed in that action.

So we went through a trade. I found him on a buying thread looking for male names. So I offered some. He rejected at first but later contacted me saying he was interested in Ronan. I sold it to him at a 1gd price because of a deal at the time. The transaction went very smoothly.

One word : Flawless. Great trade.

Bought about 3 alts from me. Went smoothly but forgot to leave feedback.

Bought 3 alts from me. It went smoothly. The user wanted around 5 alts, though 1 was already sold. Tried to get a hold of the user when I had the other alt ready but was extremely difficult to get through and that trade never happened. Also forgot to leave feedback. (NR!)

We had a little bit of trouble getting the GD over because of time zones. But yes, eventually the trade went smoothly and this dealer is definitely a plus in my book

The trade went great! It was a flawless transaction but the user forgot to change the pass/email which I could have stolen the alt easily or another user of furcadia got on my computer. Thankfully I chose not to and I informed her about it. But yeah, that got on my nerves a little bit.

Bought the alt 'Blog' from me. Really nice transaction

Not a single error in the transaction. Wasn't hard at all.

This went really smooth. I sold her the alt Perch, but not for GD, rather a port. This was done extremely smoothly. Transaction took a little less than two days.

Went through two trades to get this right. But yeah, smooth transaction. Port for 5 gd.

Traded the alt Analyze for Emotionless. Went through a bit of trial and error and small amounts of hassling but yeah, pretty good transaction.

Sold her the alt Tres for 5 gd. I had little problems, and this was easier than cake.
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Please don't use any sort of code for separating good from bad trades, including numerical ratings.


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