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If I owe you anything...
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If I owe you anything...
23 February 2011, 1:19 pm

I go by both Noki and Rhea. In the last 2 (or 3?) years, I've been off and on quitting the internet, off and on quitting Furcadia, and went through 4 different computers until I finally could buy my own, personal, NEW laptop. On top of that, I was suffering through the end part of a long relationship I slowly realized I hated being in, which was killing my spirit for anything. I've had a 4 year long art block. This year has been a lot better and I've been able to get my shit together. I think I have more drawings in these 3 months than in the last 2 years combined. :) So I'm feeling really good.

I know I have commissions paid for that are incomplete, and I know some of them are up to a year or more old. Some of them were abandoned as I tried to detach from the internet, some of them I lost in computer transitions, and some of them I just didn't have the willpower to complete and hid. I would rather personally dig up dead material and get these finished or refunded than resent myself for never finishing obligations, and be resented by the people I've failed to produce for.

In conclusion, please email me at [email protected] if I owe you something so we can work out a solution, whether I will be continuing the commission or refunding you.

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