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Scammer/Theif - Kizmit
«: March 20, 2011, 11:01:22 PM»
Scammer/Theif - Kizmit
13 February 2011, 2:22 pm

I commissioned Kizmit for a CG commission of my character with BG. It was of two people since I wanted Night's Male and Female persona's since she is a shapeshifter. and it was suppose to have a BG with chained slaves. It was a mirror image of Night. She did several sketches for me and she was paid in full $40. In the end when it came to receiving the final complete work I never got it. First she stated she sent it but I never received it. When I asked her to resend it she stated she didn't have it anymore. When I suggested her to redo it again she refused. When I asked for my money back it was a constant squabble and in the end she continuously blocks me. If I were to confront her about the work now she would still block me. She's blocked me from DA. I heard she had an active account on here and I would like to warn you all not to commission her unless you want you're money stolen.

This was the last thing I saw of my paid artwork.

Even to check her DA for the final product it was never there. So I hope you will be cautious if you accept her commission or want to commission her.

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