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Stealing my alts design.
«: March 20, 2011, 11:01:21 PM»
Stealing my alts design.
3 February 2011, 4:15 pm

Haste contacted me because i let my friend make a character like bipolar. As bipolar is mine now I made him a hellhound not drunic Like she calims his species is. Now she has told me in PM shes stealing it off my alt. If i see bipolars design anywhere but on Bipolar. I will contact the gaurdians.

she said


I'm claiming Bipolars design back then and using it on another alt.

YOU ARE using my species, because you're letting your friend create a character that can change colour on his mane/same with the eyes and looks just like Bipolar.

There'fore, you're creating a Drunic.

You're stealing my species.

I'm stealing Bipolar back.

You havn't copyrighted Bipolars design, Just like people keep saying about my Species.

You're not doing me a favour by keeping Bipolar just as a Drunic, & letting people make one, the w/e. I'll take his design back. Without question.

I created him and his Species i have every right to do so.

Just like everyone is saying about my Drunics.

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