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Soph's list <3
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Ok, so, I have forgotten some of my trades, but here is what I remember!

IDC- Sold me Kaytlin, quick trade and we had a conversation, aswell as showing me his dream and such, a great person! <3 10/10

WhiteHyena- Sold me Melina for a good price, great girl, fast trade, great person! 10/10
Light- Was supposed to buy my year catten for 8GD but couldn't because reality things "popped up" and they didn't say anything except that they rarely did it and that I could easily try re-selling it, despite that I relied on that money..

Jay- I was going to buy a life wolven from them but they had already traded, then apologised and made me an offer for expirings for half price :)

Tally-wa- Traded me Fundip for a digo of mine, forgot now x3 Lovely girl, we are sort of friends! :3 20/10<3

Febreeze (ingame)- Sold me Admonish with the port and a chibi I didn't use, but I love the alt and she was nice, except the fact that she was nagging to buy her back, because she remembered someone saying they'd buy for more, luckily I changed the password as soon as I received the alt, and put her on ignore. A shame really since she seemed nice.. 4/10

Couple- She is a darling! <33 I recommend everyone buy off her, a truly lovely girl, I bought two designs off her for cheap, and even though I tried selling my kitterwing for life to her, and her friend gifted her one, she still helped me find a possible buyer! <3 100/10

Penny- Bought Intoxication and Fad off her for just 5GD! Such a lovely girl, I advise you buy off her, we had a lovely conversation while trading! <3 50/10!

Smarmy- He traded me two ferian lifers for my kitterwing, easy, quick and a nice person! 10/10

Rasberries- Sold expiring classics to her since I was desperate for money :P Friends with Ras too, so I knew I could trust her, also, recently traded her a few months of Kirin for a year of catten <333 50/10!

Armor/Mercenary- Thanks baby, you gifted me the wings <33 We need to talk more lol! <3 100/100!

Dry Tears (ingame)- I traded her a month of Hyooman for 1GD, lovely girl, good
friend of mine <3 10/10!

Amiea(ingame)- Sold her an expiring noble musty for 7GD, quick, easy and lovely girl! <3 10/10!

Pending sales

Koolkat- Fundip, Kaytlin and Melina to Koolkat, Koolkat is a good friend of mine in-game, so it would be great if she bought them x3

Dork- Dork is my baby <3 A great friend, and she may buy Pepin for 5GD :)

Airbender- Recently mentioned he would like Aelan from me for 10GD, so hopefully he will soon reply and tell me whether he wants, recently whispered and sent the user a pm but had no response whatsoever, a lovely person, hope we trade!

Stef- She recently wanted my kitterwing and I had a great offer, so I think I will probably trade. She seems really nice <3

Drita's friend (Forgot the name) He wanted a design off me for 10GD, he seems really nice, hope we trade!

That's all so far! :D

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