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«: February 22, 2011, 02:36:05 AM»
I wasn't sure where to put this.

There are probably other threads like this but... i don't know.

I had a character that I sold to someone about a week ago maybe? I know that's not too long, but I changed the email and password before I sold it.

I know the alt is off of my hands and it really shouldn't matter what the buyer does with it, but that's the thing. She hasn't changed the password or the email yet, and I'm afraid she's going to just let it expire. I was about to delete it from my list when out of curiosity I decided to try logging on to her and expected to see the "username and password did not match" error again, but no. There was the character, in the lock map; the email and password evidently the same as when I had sold it.

I did sell it in exchange for 10 GDs, but isn't it kind of a no-brainer to change the password and email once you get the alt? And this person didn't seem like a noob.

I haven't done anything about it yet, but I really don't want my ex-alt to expire.

Please reply ASAP.

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Re: help...?
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You sold the alt, its not yours anymore - if you take it back, youre a scammer.
If it expires, I see no reason why you couldnt recreate the alt - but if you get it back because its in your mail - you scammed the person out of the money.

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Re: help...?
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Maybe they haven't gotten around to it? maybe they've been busy with real life?

Either way, Monster is right. If you take it back, you are essentially scamming her, even if you return her GD because You sold it in the first place, and taking it back, even with compensation, is taking something of someone else's who might not want to do a trade back and thus essentially in and of itself is a scam.

If it expires, its free range for you to recreate it, but until then, you can only hope that they get on to change the password and email... but you cannot touch the alt because it does not belong to you anymore.

If you don't want it to expire, get in contact with the person you sold it to. Ask them first for a trade-back, if they don't agree, then so be it. You cannot do anything.

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Re: help...?
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Alright, I was just curious. I wasn't thinking about taking it back, I was just conflicted on whether to contact her about it.

Thank you guys for the feedback.