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Miles Bartholomue Prower WARNING
«: January 28, 2011, 11:00:24 PM»
Miles Bartholomue Prower WARNING
28 January 2011, 8:02 pm

chatting randomly with some old buddies, one of my friends found a person claiming they are the animator of Tails in Sega's famous sonic games.

(You see Miles Bartholomue Prower.)  > [very whisper friendly loves surprise rps and if you dont want to yiff im always game to talk.][RL occupation Tails animator and designer for sonic the hedgehogs games][bi]

upon investigation when my friend asked for samples of his work, the thief then claimed he had uploaded some on to  he then proceeded to send my friend these links

My friend spotted a Deviant art link to the REAL owner of that art and asked if this Miles had a DA, his response being no and he tended to keep his work to himself and not on the internet. Bit funny since E621 IS the internet  here is the DA link

He then replied saying that the DA belongs to his friend and his work sometimes gets close to his drawing abillities, then logged out

If they were different the style would be different no?

I have not spoken to Miles myself so I cannot post the logs which my friend posted and since most of the conversation is unnecessary as it is all above, I wont post the logs unless required later on. I'm not making any personal attacks, I don't even know this person, but it seems very unfair to go around claiming such things and use other peoples hard work to back up a lie.

Koschei: daimhan, do i have your permission to post some of this convo onto FAZ?

Daimhan: If you'd like to.

Below is parts of the convo i can give that dont have Miles' whisper logs, since I dont have his permission to show them. Once he logs back in I'll be requesting permission and will post updates.  Sindri is Daimhan's alt he found Miles on.

Daimhan: lol ]

Koschei: [if he did tails he'd be doing all the others as well -_-]

Koschei: [and it wouldnt be sonic the hedgehog games, itd be sega in its all]

Daimhan: yeah. ]

Koschei: anyone who believes that is a fucking idiot xD]

Daimhan tempted to whisper and ask for samples. xD ]

Koschei: [XDD ask him for some previous work]

Koschei: [yeah he would. so saw that coming. work OTHER people have done]

Daimhan: we need more police like gene hunt. ]

Koschei: [go to manchester]

Koschei: [or liverpool XD]

Daimhan: and I know xDDD  ]

Daimhan: he's now searching e621 for samples he can use xDDD ]

Koschei: not all of it XD but hes gonna have a fucking damn hard time finding none porno animation of tails]

Daimhan: that's why I'm now lol'ing xDDD ]

Koschei: if he takes longer than five mins, you should rat him out XD]

Daimhan: lol, I'm curiously awaiting him actually finding anything xDD ]

Daimhan: xD ]

Daimhan: ... he gave me links ]

Daimhan: e _e. ]

Daimhan: now for the million dollar question. -3- ]

Koschei: wheres the animation :P]

Daimhan: (12:26:43) Sindri: ah, do you have a da?   (12:27:26) (12:27:37) Sindri: deviant art

Daimhan: when I just found this from the signature. -3- (URL: ]

Daimhan: lol caught out ]

Daimhan: fail -3- ]

Daimhan: bet he'll ignore me after showing him xD ]

Koschei: bit funny that he wouldnt put his work on the net, when there it is on e621 >>]

Koschei: reporting him on FAZ, theyll be able to deal with it and at least spread word that hes a faker

Koschei: did he have a port uploaded at all?

Daimhan: lol. a friend's account, when the style is exactly the same xP ]

Daimhan: Nah, just the claim in his desc. xP ]

Koschei: fair enough]

Daimhan: why would you lie about that, lol. maybe thought it'd get him more rp. xD ]

Koschei: daimhan, do i have your permission to post some of this convo onto FAZ?

Daimhan: If you'd like to. ]

Daimhan: Which parts. xD I was kind of rude, is that allowed to be given publicly with his name mentioned too? ]

Daimhan: I have the whisper log too -3- ]

Koschei: I cant give the whisper logs without miles' consent, but i can give some of the stuff youve said, like da links ect

Koschei: next hes online, ask if he would allow the log to be uploaded to Furcadia art zone

Daimhan: The links he gave me, and the da link, then okay. ]

Daimhan: Lol. If I see him. Probably won't. xD ]

Daimhan: Meh. Probably don't need to call him out publicly.

Daimhan: If I see him again I'll warn him about it.

IF it IS his work, then I appologise for this whole topic with deepest sincerity, however it just seems very very sketchy to me. This is simply to warn others and get their opinion on it, i dont intend any offence in any way and my appologies if I have.

Update:  Deviant Artist has been notified about this forum with direction links and the sort.

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