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Reviews & rejects
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Okay so I never had a thread for this. And I'm creating one, out of boredom. This isn't alphabetical, just out of memory.

&& Trades

Morgan ~ Didn't actually trade her, but I did waste about 2 weeks of her time concerning the alt Midian. Her art is great though, and she's a good trader. Check her out.

Stillborn ~ I think? Or it was Nightmare. Sold me Still andd another alt, I forget. Went really well once I got payment for her.

AJ / Discontent ~ Sold me Jax for life classics. Went really well, and I'm still using Jax as a main. <3

Ape ~ Sold me Nettle for 5 GD. Really quick, very polite.

Audio ~ Sold me Fury for $55. Fast trade, was good. <3

Puppy ~ Sold me Calico! At first the trade was off, but it went back on, and thanks to some help from Loki it went really smooth. They're both great :3

Toushen ~ Sold me Indiana for a space. Quick, went well.

Midna ~ Sold me Riv and Lane for 3 spaces. Quick trade, it was nice. :D

Rilo ~ Oh my lord. It had to be THE fastest trade ever, less than a minute. Lane for Navy. Amazing. Tyty. <3

Aerie ~ She's incredibly sweet. I had to make her wait for another 30 minutes and she was perfectly fine with it; $12.50 for Poppy x3 Thank youu <3

Coldest ~ Nice and polite. Payed me 5 GD for a space, quick and easy. :3

Mandi ~ Bought a space. Quick and easy, ty. :3

Lucky ~ Sold me Nicole! Because she's a friend and ilu. <3

Mauser ~ Sold her Mutter for a space and 3 gds. Was amazingly fast, very kind. Kudos to you :>

Aoilo / Corin ~ Sold Jax to her. She really wanted it and I believe she'll take good care of the alt; the trade was smooth once we got it going. x3 <3 ilucor.

Bizzare ~ Sold me a space for 5 GD. Quick and excellent; very polite.

Lokivia ~ Traded me life tris for Aviant and two portraits, which I still owe. Really nice, thanks a bunch.

Nibble ~ Sold him life tris for $60! Paypal deducted some as a fee and he generously gave me GDs to make up for it. <33 Love.

Ethan ~ Sold me life primes for $60. There was a misunderstanding at first and we weren't pleased with each other, but we got what we wanted in the end. Thanks.

Panty ~ Sold her my loved alt Val a while ago for uhh. I think it was $55. Trade was great, thanks a bunch!

&& Art

Doladdar ~ I LOVE her art. Commissioned her twice, she had them both done in a few days. Fast, and she's awesome. Lufluf.

Amileth ~ She had premade linearts for sale and I bought one. She sent me it to finish and apologized for taking a while, even offering to do me a free portrait. :x Really nice.

Ambi ~ Making Jax a free port! :D Her ports are adorable. She hasn't been around though. She's incredibly patient, go commission her.

Cheetah ~ Sold me multiple premades and etc. Was quick and smooth, love the port still, and she's great x3

Kris / Corin ~ My frienndd! Used to be Marla / Faryl. She commissioned me twice and payed me 20 both times, also sold me Kaddy. Ilu. <3

Rachel ~ Artt/her contest. Was easy and smooth, once I realized she'd sent me payment >>;

Stevie ~ A real good commissioner. I owe him another portrait, and he's patient with the long periods of time it takes to make them. Is there just enough, not too little or too much. <3

Dikeledi ~ Commissioned me for a portrait and bought a premade! Incredibly patient and kind, really sweet. I'd do art for her again anytime.

Vinyl ~ Really patient with me, I botched the first port I did for her and she really loved the 2nd one. :x I would do another for her again if she asked.

Vename ~ Art trade; I didn't realize she'd done her half and so it took me a whiiiiile to do hers. She's really sweet. <3

Josetta ~ She's a friend, but I can't say being commissioned by her was my favorite thing. Constant reminders every few minutes to do something, show something, etc. I got pretty irritated. However she's good with payment, and reeally sweet; you pretty much forget why you were bugged in the first place. :P I'm not done with her port.

Ethan ~ It was all really good and stuff, she's sweet of course and the payment was quick, etc. However I didn't find out until recently from a friend that she edited it; stuff like that happened before and it didn't end well. I'm over it though, she apologized, and yea. :3

Zilt[/b] ~ She REALLY impressed me. Commissioned her, had it done in what, 3 hours or so? And it was an amazing port. She had every detail in, which usually isn't the case. She's really kind and fun to talk to; getting another one done, woo. She wants life classics, so go commission her too!

Shriek ~ Commissioned me for a portrait of her character Oro. She was patient and really sweet, and liked the portrait in the end. I'd definitely do another commission for her.

If I forgot you, post here or something and tell me what we traded so I can add you. <3
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Reviews & rejects
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Reviews & rejects
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thanks. :> <3

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Reviews & rejects
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np. x3 -adds Bounce-
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Reviews & rejects
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Reviews & rejects
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Thanks, you are nice and polite aswell  :D

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Reviews & rejects
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+ Andi, Dikeledi, Vinyl, Josetta, Vename.
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Reviews & rejects
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+ Zilt(<3) + Mauser
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Reviews & rejects
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Art? For Oro? :>

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Reviews & rejects
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Oh yea! -adds-
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Reviews & rejects
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Mememe. D: Way back I gave you $60 for Val. ;;


Reviews & rejects
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Nani is now Aerie or whatnot.

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Reviews & rejects
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Ooh, alright. Thanks guys!
- Updated
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Reviews & rejects
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Reviews & rejects
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With the life phoe xD