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Infringement - Backbreaker
«: January 09, 2011, 11:00:09 PM»
Infringement - Backbreaker
9 January 2011, 12:45 pm

To my knowledge, and being informed, Backbreaker, an alt in YS is wearing a butchered lineart of one of my makeables without credit nor asking of permission to myself to edit it in such a way to physically edit, reference and change the thing. This is a warning to fellow artists that there is an individual in the community that WILL NOT FESS to reference work in any form nor simply just use the thing as it should be. (In this case, my makeable)

Not only did they edit and reference (should have my credit right there), they removed my signature and claimed it as their own with relating lines and everything that makes it identifiable back to me.

My friend Lee has already made a file to compare the two, there is obvious referencing afoot that NEEDS citing to me.

Yet they insist that they have not referenced at all, might I say obvious bull? As an added bonus, they sent me an added artwork as 'proof' they have no ill against referencing my artwork. Yet when I googled 'smilodon' simply, i found exactly what they have referenced. (They also claimed they had no clue of the image existing for both my art, and this smilodon picture)



Now, which one did they butcher worse? I suppose mine. And since they will not credit me, this is now a matter of copyright infringement for not citing my work properly.

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