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Trade reviews.
«: January 03, 2011, 05:44:31 PM»
I'm new to the evals, never done one. So, I'm gonna do my best to be brief and to the point!

These are the traders I remember off hand.

Sarge/Old Snake-
I've done numerous trades and transactions with them that include alts and art, and gosh are they a sweetheart! Very patient and understanding. If you ever wanna buy something from Sarge, I say go for it.

Hospital- Freakin sweetie. Very willing to work and kind. Patient too. I enjoyed trading with her.

Razor/Wigger- Not too happy with the trades. I've done a few, or at least tried. Most of which ended in failure and/or unfair transactions on my part. They didn't follow through recently with a trade and that made me sad-face.