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Zil/Zilly/Podling/Valk : Resolved
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Zil/Zilly/Podling/Valk : Resolved
21 May 2010, 6:50 pm

This is about the member named Podling/Valk or Zil/Zilly in game.

When they offered up their non-remap ports for such a small price, I took a look.  I liked what I saw and signed up for such.  Three ports for 10 GD.  They were quick to work on the first port while the game was having one of its wonderful break downs.  I had the Gds on Nyanla here and was upset that I could not get into the game to ensure I paid them for the work going to be done.  Those that I have commissioned in the past will know I try my hardest to pay them as soon as I can.  The first port came out wonderfully and I was happy to pay the full 10 rather than just the 5 for the one port done.  Looking back, I shouldn’t have done that.

Now, I would like to point out that I did not see any line art to proof it to ensure that the ports would come out how I would like them.  The post does not say that your character is up to the artists interpretation and that you have no say in what comes out.  The first port made me think that the artist would portray the characters how I wish to have the look like.  Sadly, the second port had only one flaw in it.  I pointed it out to them in the game and I was told ‘I have a headache.’  Nothing bad, so I rooted them on and logged off for the night.  Mind you, I live in Germany so time zone deal has me sleeping when others are waking.

A week goes by.  I started to wonder since I went through my ‘who I am commissioning’ list.  I dropped a little note asking if everything was alright, but to please not drag your feet.  I had thought the tiny little edit would be a quick fix and very easy.  I got a reply here with one word.


Confused, I logged into Nyanla and asked.  I was then told that they have a life outside of the game, that I shouldn’t pressure them.  I didn’t feel like I was pressuring in the least, just wanted an update and so forth.  They accused that I was upset with them but I was not.  I do understand that life gets in the way.  Look down and see Xappho’s alert.  I have been quite understanding in her case.  If I was told that they would fix the small detail and get the last port to me when they can, I would have left it at that for the moment.

But then I was told they didn’t save the file for the port that needed to be fixed and that they would not fix it.  That I was making a big deal out of wanting something that I paid for to come out the way I wished it would.  They told me they are only thirteen and that I was being a picky ass person that just couldn’t be happy with what I got when it isn’t what I wanted.

I tried to take the high road and requested the 5 GD for the unfixed and undone port.  They stated that they could not pay me back.  They already spent it.  So before finishing the work, they took the Gds and splurged on who knows what.  This is when I got a little upset and contacted another artist whom I have commissioned in the past.  I ran through what happen without posting the logs and wondered if I should post an alert.  They suggested I did.  When I told Zil that I was going to put up an alert, they ‘beat me to the punch’ and posted one about themselves.

They have refunded me 88 Cds though that is far from the 5Gds I requested for incomplete work.  Which leaves 4GDs/1SD/2CD to be paid back before I feel that I have gotten a proper refund.

Be weary of them.  I would say that you keep your money till you see the finished work and request to see line art before they ink or color it.

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