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BBA Ripoff -Completed-
«: December 30, 2010, 10:09:58 PM»
Everything got worked out somewhat, ended up with a loss of $35 dollars but hey. Now I know how stuff works and that the avatars have been free allllll along. Soooo don't buy em kay xD

Thanks a bunch Adaleine for your help.~
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Re: BBA Ripoff?
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It was the Bloodspill ava and I purchased it from Mortain.

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Re: BBA Ripoff -Completed-
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Figured I would post this here incase anyone else is brought up into buying these avatars.

Swiftkill herself years ago contacted me looking for Mortain when she found out that Mortain was selling her avatars, part of the profit of her selling these avatars was supposed to go to Swiftkill herself, which she never received a penny from any of those original sales of the avatars. (I have the log of this conversation somewhere, though I really dont think it would matter at this point in time.)

I would suggest no one purchasing these. Nobody has any right to sell them, and Swiftkill hasnt had any interest in Furcadia the last couple of years, and it was the last time I spoke to her myself. So yeah, just noticing this older topic, but wanted to make sure the info was here incase anyone else is offered these avatars on "sale".
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