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Warning: Stewy.
«: December 25, 2010, 03:42:49 PM»
Stewy PM'd me wanting to buy my life tiger. She said she never used paypal before, but had an account. After my mate told her how to use it she told him for me to send her the tiger first. My mate told her no, then she said that she got a tiger from her friend instead.

Her description is this:

(You see Stewy.)
> Tip-toeing across the room the young furre in front of you dashed through the grass, leaping over rocks and ducking beneath branches. You could see her for only a second before she was swallowed into the forest of lush green. [Visit Cypress Homes?] [Wishlist: Tygard Lifer] [Donate? $5.00/$49.95]  Looking to buy a life Tygard. Whisper me

So it's obvious she didn't have the money and was trying to scam me.
Just a warning!

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Re: Warning: Stewy.
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Locked since no scam actually took place.

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