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4 December 2010, 1:57 pm

Weirdest shit you'll ever read... Seriously.

Okay so to start this off let me sum shit up for you. Lothlore commished me. But this thread is warning artists about letting him commish you.

So it all started on Jul 5, 2010 when Lothlore came to me for some art. He wanted an animated port, a digital art of him and a lover doing naughty things and a regular remap port. In the end he sent me $150 paypal for it up front. 1: Because that's my policy. I take cash upfront. and 2: I needed this cash to pay the bit of rent I couldn't cover without it. So he sent it to me and I thanked him and told him to send the info for his commish to my DA or e-mail. whatever worked. It never came. I asked him time and time again for the info. After 6 months I sent him an away whisper staying...


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