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Scammer/warning - Whitestorm
«: November 21, 2010, 08:17:16 PM»
So in Ai last night I spoke to Whitestorm who was trying to sell off the alt Cussing, they had whispered me seeing that I wanted an alt and asked if i was still looking ectect. So they showed me Cussing, who i fell in love with and and quickly asked them How much. They said 50$ Paypal. No problem went and paypal'd them, got the alt fine, that wasn't the problem. I had been whispered by someone who asked to stay anonymous and told me that they bought cussing's design and had it on another alt, and not to use the port i was wearing. I worked with this person explaining that the alt was sold to me and that the owner mentioned nothing of the design being elsewhere, or that it was to be removed. All in all I didn't think it was fair that they got the design and i had the alt with the design on it. Two separate alts running around with the same design. Me and this person tried to talk to white storm about it BUT after we did they logged off without a word, and today we tryed messaging them, so we could fix the problem Once and for all, i think she and I are both on ignore. we waited and got nothing back, so I ended up paying the other person some money, that they were scammed out of and kept the design, which is what we agree'd on to fix the problem.

So i guess just be Leary of Whitestorm.
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