Author Topic: possible stolen/higghly inspired designs?  (Read 591 times)

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possible stolen/higghly inspired designs?
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:25 PM»
possible stolen/higghly inspired designs?
10 November 2010, 1:52 pm

A short while a go i had comish done of my character ashfire, who i have had for a long time on furcadia, not so much deviantart but ya know, i used to have a sheezyart for the longest time until i was told about DA. Anyways on to the point a person commented on it saying a character she knew looked similar to it, so i clicked and low and behold it looked similar not a direct copy though. Going through her gallery i noticed a character I've seen before, it looked like furcadia's butcher. i mean the markings and the blue nose tipped me off there not exact but from a far it looks just like butcher. I'll post the images below, but i continued to look through her gallery some of the other designs are either highly inspired or ripped, as i think i've seen them around before. I need second opinions.

my character ashfire-

the copy?

butcher -

the butcher copy? (one sittin)


i did not say there direct copies but there highly inspired if you ask me. As I stated I wasn't the one who pointed them out if you click the first link and scroll through the comments you'll see someone else pointed it out.

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