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7 November 2010, 8:47 pm

well alright, i hardly play furc anymore, but an interesting situation arose the last day.

it started out on june 14th of this year, my friend morgan sold the alt addison to nik on FAM. during their conversation on what was to be done with the alt's art, morgan EXPLICITLY explained that the one portrait of the character done by me, which was completely different from the other two on the character, was not to be used if it is not cleared immediately, because the character was and is still in use outside of furcadia.

the conversation that went on in PMs is --> here, and should be read from the bottom up.

just the other day a friend notified me of the port being in use, and so i got on to see. lo and behold, it was, and so i whispered them;

no reply, they were afk. morgan then logs on a few hours later and also asks, but does not receive a reply. addison logged off later on with no response, and so morgan left nik a message on FAM in case of a disconnection, asking her question again.

the PM was read, but not responded to. after a tiny bit of searching, i found nik's selling thread, which was edited to say;

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