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Investigation into possible art theft
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:24 PM»
Investigation into possible art theft
16 October 2010, 3:44 pm

On: August 13, 2010, 01:37:46 PM:

I had a transaction on The character Vyn was sold to me.

The seller had only acquired this alt two months earlier (If I remember),

and had  no use for it. Hence the sale.

On: 15th October, 2010. Approximately, 12:00 am.

I was whispered while on the alt, and had a link shown to me

of the picture that the art was cropped from.

The conversation went like this (The name 'x' is to protect their identity)

X: Your port is of Strype's art work :3

Vyn: Well I didn't know that.

Vyn: Could you link me his art work?

Vyn: I bought this alt

X : One sec

Vyn: and they never told me the name of the port artist ^^


X: Its not a port

X: It's cropped from one of his pics

X: This one, actually

Vyn: I see

Vyn: Well as I said

Vyn: It came with the alt

X: So, who ever sold you that stole that art to use it for they're own character

Vyn: Be assured that I shall be finding out as much information as possible on this matter.

X: Good Idea. Strype is a very well known furry artist.. and I'd hate to see you get into trouble for something you didn't.

Vyn: I'd never steal art.

Vyn: So this is quite disturbing for me.

X: Yeah. That is art of this person's character

Vyn: Vulnerability:  Wow... I'm pretty pissed about that cause she told me someone drew it specifically for HER x.x

Vyn: I put x to keep their name safe

Vyn: they sold me the alt

Vyn: and she's not happy about it

Vyn: once again

Vyn: I thank you for this information

X: No prob.

Of course I consulted the seller straight away. And so we began to resolve together.

Vyn: This alt you sold me.

Vyn: Do you know who filled the port?

Vulnerability :I can check really quick, one second hun

Vulnerability: Why do you ask?

Vyn: It's stolen art I believe

Vulnerability: Oh god, seriously? x.x


Vulnerability: Wow... I'm pretty pissed about that cause she told me someone drew it specifically for HER x.x

Vyn: Not unless she has a whole FA page dedicated to the character


Vulnerability: Okay, just looked and they go by the name X now.

Vulnerability: Ugh, yeah, she put the port on there herself x.x

Vyn: Could you ask her about it?

Vulnerability: She said her friend that no longer plays did the art

Vulnerability: Absolutely, I will be

Vyn: Because; I would never steal art.

Vyn: and this person

Vyn: just whispered me

Vulnerability: I'm so sorry about that, I don't believe that that is her FA account

Vyn: and asked if I knew about it.

Earlier today, I recieved word from Vulnerability regarding the case:

Vulnerability: Hey, just incase you didn't get my offline message, I spoke to X, and she says she isn't the one whom sold Vyn to me. SO I had to dig deeper x.x

Vyn:  I saw

Vulnerability: I'm doing my best to get some information though

I had the chance to talk to X  about it, it was not the person who had previously owned Vyn, but somebody who had being sold an alt by the same person I'm looking for. (She has requested her logs to be removed from this post, she has the right to remain anon)

(I have asked permission to use these logs; they have all agreed)

So I don't know whether it's a case of the original seller being lied to, or being an art theif.

However, I would really like more information on the matter. As this is disturbing news that

I have paid good money for an alt with stolen artwork.

Here  is a screen shot of the port (On 15th October)

And  here is the original artwork.  

I would very much so like to go through  port removal when all of this is over.  However as proof, I have the port loaded on Vyn as evidence and I am proceeding to find a date for when it was uploaded and more information.

If anyone can come forward with information, it would be greatly obliged.


I logged into Vyn on digomarket and went to her portraits page, finding more information on the port.

Had a quick browse around and found the follow things.


Bone weir.

I have an inkling about who it is. And I would wish to speak to a mod about it.

I wonder if this has anything to do with it.

Because if Desdemona had the alt Vyn and happened to be hacked by someone who gave away all her alts, then perhaps Vyn and Jez fall into place? I'm not saying this is for certain; but I have a gut feeling about it.  Thread

Jezebelles port

Any one know if this is stolen or not?

Full piece: Uncropped

Port information: Here

Source: Furcadia Art Zone - Art Alerts

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