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The Mint Mink & Chow/Skadowee
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:23 PM»
The Mint Mink & Chow/Skadowee
28 September 2010, 7:38 pm

So first off let me start by saying I have nothing bad to say about the persons mentioned and that I mean no harm this is really a last resort.

I need to get ahold of the Mint Mink and or his wife (As I know she handles alot of his buisness affairs)

About early october 2008 I paid Minty and Skad $300 paypal upfront for a hogwarts castle dream. (It was crazy long ago before kitterspeak) I would check in ever few weeks. Then as work and life got in the way ever couple weeks, then a month or so, eventually I'd catch them on at the same time as me once every few months. I don't know the main alts they use and I seen the thread on FAM about quitting Furc. So now it's dire that I get ahold of them ASAP.

It was so long ago and I paid them quite a pretty penny for it. (Not that I really want the dream anymore) But I would like some sort of result for it. I've tried e-mailing them with the e-mail given on the alt thread. I've tried PMing them on FAM. I've tried leaving thier alts on my pounce to see if I can catch them. Nothing. so this is my last resort. If anyone knows how to get ahold of either of them that would be great.

Again I'd like to state that I mean no dissrespect to either of them this is simply a last resort to contact/deal with this situation.

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