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Xyte - warning - dropped commission
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:22 PM»
Xyte - warning - dropped commission
20 September 2010, 3:24 pm

I'm not entirely sure if this qualifies to be here.. its not a scam or theft, really, but .. well, I'll remove it if the mods really think it doesn't belong.

Anyway, about a month ago, I got a PM from the user Xyte for a portrait commission. Given I was a little uncomfortable about doing her character, with the cliche GIANTASS cleavage, but I agreed anyway. I finished the port in about two weeks, since I was a bit busy, but I kept her updated. I showed her when it was finished, and she never replied.

I had her on my pounce, and she didn't log in for a while, and the 2 times she did, it was brief, and she didn't whisper me. I whispered her about 3 times, though all offline whispers, telling her she needed to pay me, or I'd have to edit the port and sell it as a premade. She logged on again after I had sent the warning messages, but I never got a response, even though I was online too.

So now I have edited the port, and its up for sale. However I am disappointed, and I hate it when people commission me (or any other artist), only to have them work in vain, and just leave them in the dust without payment.

So yeah, not entirely sure if this belongs here, but.. I'd just be careful if Xyte commissions you, as I've seen her post a commission request to a few others. I dunno if she has paid them yet, but she never got back to me.

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