Author Topic: hyrena/gullbird on da/swoosh/gull on furc warning.  (Read 348 times)

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hyrena/gullbird on da/swoosh/gull on furc warning.
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:21 PM»
hyrena/gullbird on da/swoosh/gull on furc warning.
19 September 2010, 10:15 am

So a good friend of mine happened to show me this:

 and told me that she believes they have been referencing my art. Lo and behold, she was. And as I look through their gallery I find that there is, yet, another portrait that was referenced from my artwork:

Knowing exactly which pieces of mine that she had referenced from, I fished them out and found that they were pretty much the same. So I asked a good friend of mine, Kat, to do lay overs for me.

layover 1:

layover 2:

pretty damn close if you ask me. I wouldn't mind so much though if this was for practice purposes or what not, but what irritates me is the fact that she's making profit off of these. and as one looks through their gallery you'll see that their style changes quite dramatically through the entirety of it.

I've yet to speak with her. I've been attempting to whisper them but they've been offline, but once I do, I'll get back on this. But I'd like some opinions too, in case I'm just being paranoid. And if I'm not, then lets this be a warning to all of you.

In this deviation as well:


someone also posts the original work that was being traced. and she had already sold the port. (making partial profit of the original work obviously)

NOTE: this person has a tendency to change their identities alot.

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