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akarui kurai - tracing.
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:21 PM»
akarui kurai - tracing.
6 September 2010, 8:31 pm

so, while browsing through some potential portrait artists to commission, it has come to my attention that a well-known and respected artist (akarui kurai) has been tracing and HEAVILY HEAVILY referencing artwork (to the point it's almost tit for tat). after a portrait of a boxer caught my eye, i realized that i had seen the picture a time or two before, a simple google search pulled up the image on the first page or so. this got me curious, so a quick look at her gallery revealed that lo and behold, there's several ripped pieces. these are just the ones i had seen before, i'm sure there's plenty more like it within her gallery. keep in mind that i have no personal vendetta against aka, nor do i wish to sully her reputation, i just believe this is 'worthy' of public notification. i know that i wouldn't want to shell out $25-30 for a portrait that i could just trace myself. i understand that tons of artists reference photos, to either get a feel for anatomy or a particular pose but some of these things are just downright ridiculous.

the following have been compiled the following as "evidence":


(the above is for those who are under the impression that her images are simply 'referenced')

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