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Aeries, Pukta?
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:21 PM»
Aeries, Pukta?
28 August 2010, 6:12 am

I thought this also pretained to art theft. I have the same thread on FAM though.

Hey guys Let me explain this the best I can.

I have had the alt transmute for quite awhile for the longest time i couldn't log in, I finally got my old laptop working which had the logs, to show, i had 4 ports on him and life catten and foxen. So I thought i had remembered the password, so I went to download the ini. It said his name did not exist. I was lucky to have remade him however he shouldn't of expired, and ports and lifers are gone? So I contacted Cironir, I don't have permission to post logs. So I'll explain he checked the Ip, and everything was moved to aeries then pukta and few other alts several times. This alt is mine, and everything on it is mine, I can't get it back but this person stole my alt. I don't know who owns these alts. I am pretty sure, they stole him somehow. There isn't another logical explination. I never sold Transmute. EVER.

This is from my logs.

Player info: Transmute ([email protected]) Furcadia UID: 39303367 Created on: 2006-01-28/07:43:51/Sat Logged in: 1027 times Time spent in Furcadia: 66 days, 13 hours, 6 minutes, 55 seconds Extra: Ferian Foxen - for life, tradeable in 55 days Extra: Ferian Catten - for life, tradeable in 55 days Portraits: 4 active, 0 inactive, 0 waiting for review DragonScales Balance: 0 GD, 0 SD, 0 CD (total $0.00 USD)  Session closed 2010-01-17 20:30:09

this is from the alt now

Player info: transmute ([email protected])

Furcadia UID: 41399846

Created on: 2010-08-27/13:02:50/Fri

Logged in: 3 times

Time spent in Furcadia: 0 days, 0 hours, 27 minutes, 42 seconds

Item: cookies (0 active, 3 inactive)

DragonScales Balance: 0 GD, 0 SD, 0 CD (total $0.00 USD)

I want to know who owns the alts,and. What exactly happened. I want my stuff back.

 These ports are transmute's, and though they got  transferred off i still have the fox files and i'm reuploading when i get spaces. If you see anyone with these ports let me know asap.

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