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1 August 2010, 11:46 am

Alright, this totally hurts to do this, but it's been a year of BS. Total and utter BS.

Let's get this started:

Back in October of '09, I commissioned my good friend (known as Chai) for a full-body piece of a character I had, Storms. She got it to the sketch stage, basically, and had it prepared to be shaded, when I had to leave because of an emergency. I was gone for quite awhile, and had only very distant contact with her. She ceased working on my piece, which was alright as I couldn't be there to see the progress of it. I got back about three months later, and we discussed it at least three times. I never saw any progress on it, at all. (10 GD value, unfinished)

That should've been a ringer, really, but instead she was my friend at the time. So, I commissioned her for a full-body piece for my alt Rykier. That went smoothly. I got the art piece, it was great, and all finished, so I thought (what the hell!) I'd commissioned her again so she could get an alt name she wanted (Ghaleon). So she could get the alt, I pre-paid her the money. It was, in total, 20 GD for about four sketches. (20 GD value, unfinished)

I waited at least a month, and all I ever got of any work done was a shi**y, low-quality sketch of a dragon, my dragon I had commissioned her for. She took it on a cellphone to show me she was doing something, so I waited again. Half a month passes, and we (me and my boyfriend) begin to bug her for it. I'd commissioned her for an art piece for him as well. (5 GD) She'd gotten the alt Ghaleon, so I thought I'd be seeing major progress in thanks. Nada. I didn't see sketches or anything. She kept saying all she needed to do was scan in, over the course of three weeks. My boyfriend THEN caught that she was doing commissions without having finished mine.

Finally, after three months of waiting, and no progress on Storms' commission, or the other pictures (both of which I mentioned at least five or six times to her), I sent her a message that said I would like to be repaid. No response. Finally, I said I didn't care anymore, and that I was done being her friend. No response to that either.

Well, there you go. 35 dollars worth of crap lost. Here's my warning to you, community. If she treats her friends like this, how will she treat you?

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