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moonlightmemries on dA/Incarnate on Furcadia
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moonlightmemries on dA/Incarnate on Furcadia
17 July 2010, 9:29 pm

So last night I had been browsing some ports for sale, and I came across Incarnate's premades, and I saw her otter port for sale, which can be found here. Just in case she has decided to delete the image, I also have a screenshot of the image. It reminded me of a picture of a sea otter that I had seen a while back, and I ended up finding it on google here.

I later on had a friend do an overlay of the two images.

I ended up searching some other things in her gallery, and virtually all of her feral premade ports had corresponding photos on the first one or two pages on google.

this feral wolf pup is seemingly also a trace of this mexican wolf pup.

this dalmatian port is at the very least heavily referenced from this photo of a dalmatian.

I haven't overlayed either of these two images yet.

The issue here is that she's attempting to sell this artwork without any indication that she has even referenced the art in question from a photograph.

I contacted the artist, and I do not have permission to post the logs, but essentially what she said was that she sketches out the ports traditionally before scanning them in and completing them in photoshop, and had even offered to show me the sketches, however I haven't seen these yet.

She also denies that she has ever traced anything.

The artist has also been notified of this thread.

Just a heads up!

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