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Jordhan & Kait: Vai & Two Socks Look-A-Likes
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:15 PM»
Jordhan & Kait: Vai & Two Socks Look-A-Likes
21 June 2010, 6:36 pm

I was browsing through DeviantArt not all that long ago when I stumbled along some patches for sale that were done by Jordhan and Kait of Furcadia. Two walkabouts they had for sale struck me a little funny, why, they automatically reminded me of some free patchwork done by Two Socks and Vai for Dreamer's Day.

The two artists in question can be found here: and

I saved these patches and posted the image directly in case the file was to be deleted, as that's a common occurance in these situations.

Here is a cropped image of the patches they had for sale:

Here are some screenshots I took of the patches by Vai and Two Socks:

I apologize the quality of the screenshot I took is so horrific, my computer has been functioning irregularly.

These patches by Vai and Two Socks can be found here:

The reason I was so suspicious is because I have heard many foul things said about them before such as copying other artists' styles or artwork completely, even designs. I cannot say whether this is true or false entirely, but it's something I wanted to add in case anyone else has heard of this.

It would be lovely if someone could do an overlay or something of that nature. I think the resemblance between the two patches and the two produced by Vai and Two Socks is undeniable.

Right after originally posting this, I contacted Vai via whisper but have not recieved a response as of yet. I gave her a small briefing on the situation, and gave her a link to this thread. It's been roughly fifteen minutes, so I assume she is AFK. Later I will attempt to whisper Two Socks if they come online.

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