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Molly Fullin: Warning
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Molly Fullin: Warning
3 June 2010, 8:18 pm

So it's come to my attention that this person, Molly Fullin, has completely ripped a character (and a few other things)., are the known websites., are the known dAs, there are a few others found via vergyberg's journal entries.

My friend was commenting how this character had recently got some new art and showed me the website. As I started going through it I noticed some of the artist information didn't match up. After further investigation and chatting with the owner of the actual character of the character, they gave no one permission to use their character. They are currently going through the steps of contacting the admins on dA, and getting in contact with the artist of the art that the port (found in msfullin's page) so they can email Furcadia.

I have talked with Molly Fullin about this, she claims she did nothing wrong because she did not claim the character or any of the art as hers. And as far as the port, she as well admitted she traced it, but because she didn't claim it she feels it was ok. As well, it has been said in a few of the journal entries that she is a known art theft.


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