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Admired Port
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Admired Port
14 May 2010, 12:26 am

It was brought to my attention that the port made SPECIFICALLY for Admired, is being used on another character.

05/13/10 17:32:56 Paramour: i saw it yesterday o.o

05/13/10 17:33:11 Saur: O.o

05/13/10 17:33:15 Saur: On who?

05/13/10 17:33:22 Paramour: idr. lemme check logs

05/13/10 18:01:43 Saur: You ever find logs? :O

05/13/10 18:02:01 Paramour: no D:

05/13/10 18:02:31 Saur: When admired gets on ill ask him if he used the port on another alt. If not i'll post in FAZ

05/13/10 18:03:20 * Paramour nod

05/13/10 18:03:49 Paramour: they had grey colors, it looked like the colors had been fucked up

05/13/10 18:04:02 Saur: Probably stolen then. Was the BG the same?

05/13/10 18:04:13 Paramour: i dont think so?

05/13/10 18:04:19 Paramour: maybe o3o

05/13/10 18:04:28 Saur: Were they in Yellowstone ooor?

05/13/10 18:04:39 Paramour: ya, yellowstone

05/13/10 18:04:52 Saur: k im gonna inform Ike then

(23:19:57) Saur: Can i have permission to post our logs from earlier on FaM?

(23:20:46) Saur: FaZ**

(23:20:57) Saur: Wow....

(23:20:58) Paramour: sure

(23:21:04) * Paramour doesn't mind xD

So obviously the colors have been manipulated and the background possibly changed.

If you are this person who took this art and used it for your own then have it removed. I clearly stated that the port is for ADMIRED'S USE ONLY on my dA

If you have seen this port on anyone other then Admired please report it here. Art theft will not be tolerated and you will be caught. Thank you.

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