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help again? Dx
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:12 PM»
help again? Dx
8 May 2010, 6:30 am

Alright, I was roaming around Alaskan Wolven Woodlands on my alt, Shila. And this girl, Pathedic had told me my art was so lovely, but she didn't have any GD. As usual, I said "Aw, Thats to bad. Maybe some other time then. <: " Then she suggested we do an art trade, So I agreed to do so. I had finished my half within a few hours or so, And she had told me she'd do her half the next day or so. Well, It's been about a week now, I contacted her asking her if she had gotten it finished yet, And she said she hadn't..That she'd been busy with cleaning for the whole weekend, And then school was on monday. I can understand that, But she has plenty of time to roleplay and talk on furcadia? Yet not finish a simple art trade with someone.

Her name is Chacra/Pathedic. Please do not whisper-spam her, I am just so curious. Ehh. I think maybe I've been scammed though, But I'm not totally sure.

Heres my half:

and she still hasn't finished hers. I'm thinking about telling her if she doesn't have it by next week, That she ought to pay me the usual 2GD that I make everyone pay.

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