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Kaw's design being ripped?
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:11 PM»
Kaw's design being ripped?
21 April 2010, 9:08 pm

So, I just found out today that aparently someone has ripped the design, art, AND possibly the port from my main alt, Kaw. I have permission to post whisper logs:

(21:37:55) Kaw: so shses using the kaw picture in my description for HER alt?

(21:38:13) Antics: Yeah, I just can't remember the name, but I remembered that the desc was even similar.

(21:38:33) Antics: just wanted to let you know especially if it was your original artwork

(21:38:43) Kaw: seriously? and yes it is original artwork. just not drawn by me

(21:38:53) Antics: Still, you have artistic rights to it.

(21:38:56) Kaw: i know

(21:39:00) Kaw: which is pissing me off now

(21:39:08) Kaw: did the picture say kaw on it?

(21:39:14) Antics: No, it was changed.

(21:39:19) Antics: same coloring though

(21:39:23) Kaw: im just p*ssed someone ripped my design

(21:39:45) Antics: Yeah, well. It happens, especially when people aren't original enough to come up with their own creative idea.

(21:53:45) Antics: I swear up and down, this girl had your ref and possibly even the portrait you got.

(21:54:11) Antics: I remember looking at both monday afternoon like...somewhere in between 11am and 12:30 pm Central

(21:42:29) Antics: now that i read your desc, everything was identical except for the last 2 sentences or so and the link placement.

This is the picture that is being used:

If anyone has any idea who this chick is, Id be so greatful to get any information on her. Sadly I do not know her furcadia name or any vital information. I just thought it would be a good idea to post this here to see if anyone has seen her around. Thanks again!

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