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6 April 2010, 8:41 pm

He stole two different artworks. Number one AND two has been identified. Notified artists. Thank you all.


Asked the "owner" Who made it, said they "forgot"

Tried to press further, they didn't respond.

So who is the artist? They use the above link in their desc. Obviously cropped. Looks semi-familiar.



He did it again

Here is chat log, its public chat so it is okay:

You say, "(Who drew that port?)"

Shaah's a chef!]

Saitoh Hajime had the hungryman roasted turkey tonight]

Saitoh Hajime: [What port?]

You say, "(Sear, he changed ports and pics)"

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Sear: As I said 8D No idea

You say, "(I suggest you remove those ports)"

Screenshot saved here.

Sear: Hmmm?]

Shaah: >.>

Odin Feneri: o.o]

You say, "(That artist drew those for someone else. not you)"

Saitoh Hajime: Well, it is bad form not being able to cite the artist. But if you did commission them, the char is still his property.]

You say, "(Theyre not comissioned by him)"

Saitoh Hajime: Oh, good eye then.]

Odin Feneri: brb]

Sear: [Well see you then^^ Obviously I'm not welcomed here]


Tried to reason them to take them down reasonably in whispers. In short, they called me a dumb stuck up annoyance. So theres that.

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