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29 March 2010, 6:46 pm

So, I've seen Tiarra running around with a port and I noted that it was pretty cute and I spoke to her about it a few times before. After talking to another artist and viewing their DA gallery, I saw that the artist in question (Nanoshpi) had created it for another character (Relaco).

I approached Tiarra about the portrait and she claimed that the got the alt three years ago from her friend and that the portrait was already loaded, but as you can see from the original DA HERE, it was made and uploaded in 2009.

Tiarra continues to claim that she got the alt off of a friend three years ago, but obviously that's a blatant lie. I would show you whispers reguarding our conversation, but I didn't get permission to post logs.

Nanoshpi has been alerted of this so she can take the neccesary steps to getting the portrait removed, though I would beware of Tiarra in the future. She's a seemingly decent person, however, she isn't that good of a liar.

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