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Stolen Port
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Stolen Port
2 February 2010, 7:44 pm



basically i clicked her and wondered why her portrait was uploaded with a watermark.

(19:33:29) Butter: just wondering. who made your portrait?

(19:33:47) KeKo: i found it on divan art

(19:34:08) Butter: well it's stolen unless your name is Leuda

(19:34:49) KeKo: how is it stolen?

(19:35:07) Butter: because the portrait was made for the alt Leuda. and you're clearly not Leuda.

(19:35:18) KeKo: yes i know

(19:35:25) Butter: The LOBS writing on the portrait is called a watermark

(19:35:53) KeKo: but it was one someone elses page

(19:35:56) KeKo: idk who

(19:36:19) Butter: You didn't pay for it, it didn't say freebie, you stole it and used it without permission.

(19:36:33) KeKo: i di not know O-o

(19:37:48) Butter: May I have permission to post these logs on FAZ? so I can figure out if it really was posted on another site?

(19:38:30) KeKo: not another site i was just looking for a port not to steal one D:

(19:39:21) Butter: Well, you kinda did steal the portrait. It can be cleared with the artist's help.

(19:39:44) KeKo: well ill ask furc staff can i chang it

(19:40:02) KeKo: i bet the wont but ill try

(19:40:10) KeKo: thank for telling me  ^^

(19:40:20) Butter: I understand. I'll note the artist on dA and post logs on a website called FAZ, is that alright?

(19:40:35) KeKo: yes

i'm in the middle of noting the artist now.

mainly putting this up here for future reference.

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