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Non-paying customer: Ravi"Ravinia"
«: November 18, 2010, 06:02:05 PM»
Non-paying customer: Ravi"Ravinia"
3 January 2010, 5:16 pm

This one started normally then turned into two months of annoyance and grief.  

Ravi"Ravinia" first set out what was considered a fair price. We agreed to it, she gave me references and description and I started working.

The first portrait was rejected while in WIP as she neglected to tell me her reference picture was "outdated", so I redrew everything with the new outfit. With the new outfit she kept asking for redraw after redraw until I finally had everything "perfect".

Then she never paid.

I whispered her repeatedly over 2 months. Most of the time she ignores her whispers even when she just came online. Her offline whispers are answered maybe 2/3 of the time, if lucky.

I tried everything I could to be understanding and flexible. She said she had fallen on hard times, so I set up a payment plan of a small amount each week asking her to make at least 1 payment every 2 weeks. I even set up a small webpage with a "pay now" button so she didn't even have to put in my information each time!

She still did not pay.

The last whisper I sent her was 3 days before new year. I asked her to make just one payment before the first of the year in order to keep her portrait on hold. She was online at least daily that I saw so I know she got the whisper. I gave her 5 days instead of the original 3 and still nothing.

The portrait is now on sale (offer if you want) and I'm letting you all know about Ravi"Ravinia" in case you have to deal with her in the future. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but I tried and she didn't.

If you see her using the portrait I drew despite not paying, it's theft- let me know immediately!

Thanks for reading!

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