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Warning: Kool Kat/Tomoko Kawakami/etc...
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Warning: Kool Kat/Tomoko Kawakami/etc...
24 December 2009, 1:06 am

So, today I was commissioned by Kool Kat. It started out as a fullybody pic, but then she ended up asking me to make a port from it instead. Not that I'm great with ports, but I consented.

She had promised a portspace as payment.

At this point, she has seen the full body sketch and an unshaded version of the portrait.

When I asked for payment before sending her the final version, she said she had sent it. I waited at least 20 minutes and it never arrived. The last time she answered me was at (21:29:41).

I assume she has put me on ignore, since she won't answer any of my whispers, but a friend whispered her and he got an answer.

I am contacting a Guardian.

Anyway, this is just a warning. If Kool Kat commissions you, just make sure you get your payment before showing her any important piece.

EDIT: Okay, apparently it's still my responsibility to make sure she isn't using the art and to get payment by myself even though she's got me on ignore. Great.

If you see Kool Kat using either of these (and I know they suck, don't judge me, furries will buy anything), let me know.

EDIT EDIT: Kool Kat whispered me after being given the link to this thread. First, she told me she was a beekin and that she could have a Guardian ban people. Hmmm. Then, she accused me of threatening her. So, anyway, she knows this thread is here.

I took screenshots of the whisper log just in case.

Now, she promised to get the portrait to me tomorrow in exchange for me deleting the thread. I told her that it would stay up until I received payment, and she got angry. At this point, I am rather tired of the harassment.

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