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Port Theft - Knock
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Port Theft - Knock
24 November 2009, 10:49 pm

A port that I commissioned from Hinderence for my charrie, Angelic Sin, has been jacked by one named Knock on Furcadia (DA: ). The thief removed the artist's signature from the port before uploading.

The port that was jacked:

Screenshots of Knock with port:

Hinderence has already been notified.

Edit: The claim of a free version of this port has not been found.

Edit#2: Attempted to whisper Knock after she came back from AFK, asking her why she had my port uploaded on her... She logged off without saying anything. -_-

Edit#3: It seems Knock likes coming around when Im AFK. >_> Anyhow, heres a convo that a friend of mine was able to have with Knock. Since it's not a whisper, I will show it.


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