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Neon-Sheep on DA // Ada#SM
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Neon-Sheep on DA // Ada#SM
21 November 2009, 4:43 pm

I was browsing someone's favorites today when I ran across this:

Looks to me like a rip of Adeana's port for Droplet, seen in the top left corner here:

Comparison, Adeana's port flipped.

DA screenshot:

Anarchy found that the wings were taken from here:

The other portrait in Neon-Sheep's gallery:

Adeana's original, bottom right:


DA screenshot:

Angelic Sin has a good eye. The head/hair for this port was taken from the port in the lower left corner from this batch:

I have noted Adeana, the artist in question, as well as the commissioners of the ports with my findings.

EDIT: Neon-Sheep has responded to my note, we're going back and forth. Read from the bottom up.


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