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21 November 2009, 12:14 pm

Im walking through AI on my new alt, all goofy-like, lalala.

Well, this person talks, and I have an addiction to click anyone around me, and I see this;

 Ive seen that picture before, I forgot where though.

and the aweful looking MS painted sun in the corner is a red flag.

I ask the player;

(I blanked out their name.)

(10:53:04) Falic: Nice port

(10:53:04) * ----------)

(10:53:10) ------------: Ty

(10:53:54) Falic: Did you make it?

(10:53:59) ------------: Yeah

(I did not post the whole log, because he never gave me a whole answer if I could post the whole thing.)

Well, Im stumped. After I started asking questions about the port, saying how badly the yellow sun or whatevere is painted with MS, but the creature is Painted with PS. Then he gave me the finger and kept telling me to shut up and not talk to him, basicly.

Anyone have an Idea where this came from? Thanks.

I swear to god, ive seen this port before.

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