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Warning: InuBuritanii/Frog/Kaytlynn/Carrot etc.
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Warning: InuBuritanii/Frog/Kaytlynn/Carrot etc.
1 November 2009, 11:48 am

This is just a warning for InuBuritanii of FAZ, and Kaytlynn/Frog/Carrot elsewhere.

Please do not contact Carrot/Kaytlynn/Frog about this; this is only a warning for future reference, not for flaming and harassment.

The only reason I am posting a board like this is right now is because the above-mentioned person is trying to sell my art edited as of today.

Carrot was AFK when I tried to whisper her (per instruction of her thread) but I can't let these get sold, she does not have my permission to sell them, even though they are very obviously stolen.

This is the thread where she is trying to sell the art:

Please note I did not EVER give her or anyone else permission to take my art and use it as a template.

The only reason I know "InuBuritanii" is also Frog and Kaytlynn is because her thread says to whisper "Carrot," and the person who owns "Carrot" on FAM is "Jake and Kaytlynn" of FAM.;area=owned;owner=13213

This is the art in which the "template" was stolen from. It is also viewable on my deviantart.



In case the thread or alts should be removed by Kaytlynn, I have screenshots of everything.


Alt Listing:

Stolen Pieces: &

I am aware that "Frog" or Kaytlynn knows that this is my art because she whispered me on 10/14 asking about commissions, and she was given the link to my deviantart...

Uh well. There isn't much else to say. Just please be cautious and double-check before you buy anything art-related.

And do not buy these art designs, they are stolen art.


Carrot contacted me, apologized and took the thread down on the basis that she didn't know that taking lineart to use as a base was stealing. She promised it won't happen again. I do not have, and didn't even ask, permission to post logs. We are on good terms and I am glad that this could be resolved quickly and without blow-up confrontations.

I'm not going to take this down in case it happens again, but it can be locked. Nothing else needs to be said on this and nobody else's opinion needs to be added.

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