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Another Port Theft? :/
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Another Port Theft? :/
21 October 2009, 7:56 pm

So I was just clicking around FAZ when I found this port:;sa=view;id=7405

The artist on FAZ is gum.

Well gee, it reminded me a ton of one of the girl's who works at Silent Lullaby Homes. Heading back over to Silent Lullaby Homes I figured out the girl's name is Melinie however she was afk and so I couldn't talk to her.

Melinie's Port:

Before I catch Melinie non-afk does anyone know whose signature that is in the corner of Melinie's port. :/

EDIT: Sent gum on FAZ a PM concerning this however it says she hasn't been active since July. Anyone know her in-game name?

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