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Stolen Port? Helps.
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Stolen Port? Helps.
15 October 2009, 8:32 pm

I was wondering around TGT when I came across a character named Missa with this portrait on.

I've been around Furcadia for a very long time and this port HIGHLY reminds me of the portrait that the character Shex had, the owner of The Shexy Mansion in the FurN section. This character also has a deviantart site linked, so, curious to see if the portrait in question was on her site. I looked. It is indeed there and with her saying she's the artist and that she is/was trying to sell it.

Sadly though, i'm working off of memory of the portrait I feel that she MIGHT have copied so I have nothing to compare to, so I cannot say whether she did copy or just ref'ed it. Just curious if anyone could help me get a copy of the original portrait and if anyone has any idea what portrait i'm talking about. oo;

EDIT: Alright, I found the original port. which is by Adeana at

Would you say copied?

EDIT: I whispered the person, Missa, who says her sister drew it and watched her draw the portrait sketch. Her defense is that it's a popular pose and is in no way copied and that this is an old case and has already been solved.

So has this already been solved on here and have I just missed the post?

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