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Trooperr/Nixt WARNING!
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Trooperr/Nixt WARNING!
2 October 2009, 7:35 pm

ok, long story short, we gave this guy a chance to do things gently and instead she(?) repeatedly denied theft. so, here we are, doing it the hard way, true to a thief's style!

FTR: the artist, Viper/Arbok, is not okay with this theft and actually tackled the thief in person.

To the left, Trooperr's port, the shamelessly copied image. To the right, the original (and beautiful) portrait.

the lovely Scribblenaut, a completely unrelated third party, did this magnificent overlay for us.

Trooperr/Nixt kept thrusting her alleged "ref" excuse towards us, claiming that the image she referenced was from the Lion King:

we brought her to PokeParadise to plead her case. THIS monstrosity is what happened (logs courtesy of Viper/Arbok, the artist):

Nixt: my computers old x.x

You say, "The person who alerted me to this pose theft was kind enough to give me this comparison"

You say, "Your port looks nothing like"

You say, "but it certainly looks like the one holly and I created with no refrence"

Hatsune Miku: it's a completely different pose

You say, "Down to the angle of the face"

Nixt: But i swear, i used tlk.

You say, "Which inclues the boxed, uptilted muzzle and your sad attempt at half circle eyes"

You say, "Now anybody who's awake, what do you think: ref'd from the port of the lion king?"

You say, "I was given logs, yo"

Nixt: Where did you get this?

Kiyichichi: port.

Nixt: Lemme see.

Hatsune Miku: you should say please, sir

You say, """ Trooperr: SELLING, Ports. Twice as good as the one i have. Whisper nixt, and or Evore!! " And then when I was talking to my group about them when they walked by and posted their ad for a BaH, they replied with this before leaving the map entirely: " Luxio: gross Luxio: its the port copier Trooperr:  and wich port did i copy? " "

You say, "refrencing a pose that hard core is wrong"

You say, "it is unethical in this game"

You say, "If you wanted a portrait that looked like that you should have scrounged up the thirty bucks and bought it from us"

You say, "I originally intended to ignore this"

Crobat: Oh damn it. Way to die on me, multi links.

You say, "but I got multiple people coming to me worried about my art having been stolen"

You say, "people with no contact between each other"

You say, "It is that blarringly obvious that you copied"

Nixt: Nope.

Nixt: didnt.

Hatsune Miku: uh

Hatsune Miku: hate to break it to you but

Hatsune Miku: yes.

Hatsune Miku: you did.

Hatsune Miku: sorry if this is news to you

Hatsune Miku: but it's the truth

Scribblenaut: The nose is in the same exact position

Scribblenaut: The face has been widened to accomidate the eyes

Crobat hide behind Juk.

You say, "eyes which you made an attempt to look like the eyes in the original"

You say, "but, to be frank, failed terribly at"

You say, "There are differences."

You say, "Probably differences you made to avoid suspicion to no avail"

You say, "Furcadia sees a lot of this unfortuanetly"

Hatsune Miku: the vine the wolf is leaning on is in the same position as the one in viper's port, only it's been slanted upwards to look less ripped

After posting private whispers from a Guardian, she decided to rage-quit:


Crobat: ....hi chinawall.

Hatsune Miku: you're not allowed to post whispers

Scribblenaut: Only difference I see are the leg and arm positions

Hatsune Miku: if you use the ignore command on us, there will be countless others

Hatsune Miku: because there WILL be a FAZ thread.

You say, "OK posting private whisper logs is against furcadia rules"

Nixt: all ignored, have a good night.

and here is a chunk of whisper log we have permission to share:

(19:25:40) Viper: So I do or don't have permission to share logs?

(19:26:08) Trooperr: Only the cleared part

(19:26:36) Trooperr: btw, how much are you're commisions?

(19:32:03) Trooperr: whisper nixt, trooper is having issues connecting

(19:19:48) Trooperr: i'm having my space cleared. sorry for any inconvienance you have beutiful art, i admire that. I did not heavily trace/reff/use in any shape of form. I did ref off of lion king and another lion king pose.

allegedly, she's unloading the port, but she still denies tracing. In any event, if you see her around with the port still on, please let us know!

thank you everyone who wants to help, is helping, and has helped already. <3

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