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Watch out for Isabella Prine
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Watch out for Isabella Prine
23 September 2009, 12:03 am

I was sitting in The Golden Tether, in the OOC room, not really paying attention to furcadia at all, when I got a whisper. Someone asked if my alt was Isabella Prine. When I said no, they informed me that they had stolen a piece of art from me.

So, I checked out the alt, and low and behold, there was my picture and not to mention, they had based this character ENTIRELY around said picture. Which ment that the alt was very recent. Less than a week old, seeing how Becca,, had finished that picture and posted it less than a week ago.

So, I whispered the person, and since I didn't think of making a thread or anything, I didn't ask for permission to post the whispers, so I'll summarize.

I told them I thought their character was pretty nifty and that they had an awesome piece of art. I asked who they commissioned for it, as I was interested in a piece for myself. She thanked me, and told me that she didn't own the art and that's why she stated it wasn't hers. (She had nothing in her desc stating that, btw) I then told her I knew it wasn't hers, that it was mine, and my best friend had done it for me. She apologized and offered to take it down. I also asked her to tweak her character/description so that she wasn't a walking twin to my character. She agreed.

That's the picture that she stole/reference/wtf ever

I wish I had though to get an actual screenshot of her description, but I didn't think about it until later. But I did copy and paste it from my log.

> Child like, seemingly innocent green eyes framed by locks of bright pink. Though things are not always as they seem. A word of caution when dealing with one that looks so tender and naieve. A budding beauty wrapped in bubble gum and (URL: cotton candy colors, with a smile on supple lips that is just as sweet. Angelic wings only add to the deception of such a darling guise. For all one sees is a young, proper femme with a dainty little parasol and pretty bows and the sweet scent of roses tease the nostrils as the 'darling' passes by. She gives you a little childish giggle as she skips by. What could this little 'angel' be hidding? [Para only][Mistress]

She had saved the file onto her computer, with the same file name as what's on DA, and uploads them onto her photobucket account without changing the file names.

Her photobucket account, which she uploads the pictures to.

She told me that she was sorry she used my picture, but that she can't draw at all and can't afford nice art. I told her that I understood, that art was expensive, and then informed her(because I had a feeling she'd do it) that Becca's DA gallery was 90% full of commissions from people on furcadia, and not to use pictures from her account to reference from.

I honestly didn't expect her to use a picture at all, or well at least another picture of another character from DA. When she finally changed her description and such, I clicked the link again(thinking she hadn't changed the picture) and saw this picture . I haven't said anything to her at all, after this. But I did look on DA for this picture, found the original artist ( and posted a comment about how the picture was being used on Furcadia on a different character.

I have screenshots of her photobucket account, showing my picture is still there and the Lolita Mimiko picture as well, just in case she deletes them.

She didn't claim my picture was hers, nor that she was the artist, but this is just a warning. Like I said, I haven't said anything to her about the other picture, but did contact the orginal artist.

This is just a heads up for all you artists out there, to keep an eye out for this character.

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