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mm stolen poorttt
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mm stolen poorttt
1 September 2009, 10:02 pm

my friend alerted me before but i didnt think much of it.

The alt is Guitarist.

I have recently owned this alt, and dont recall selling it, but i might've let it expire. ive been switching emails and then was grounded for awhile sooo it might've expired idk.

then i finally saw the alt, clicked it, and recognized the port on meh friend's alt Beautiful


i asked her and she said its not a freebie and shit

she jus now told me this..

(21:59:44) Beautiful: LOLL

(21:59:52) Beautiful: (19:54:43) Steph: Nice port!    (19:59:15) Guitarist: fuck fine i stole the port. i dont want the alt anymore. you have it. Name=Guitarist  Password=(im not posting this password idk if it works or not.... -Condom) i promise its legit you can try it right now. im not logging into this shithole of a name anymore. later.

(22:00:01) Condom: ...

(22:00:13) Condom: want me to

(22:00:14) Condom: still

(22:00:17) Beautiful: yea

(22:00:17) Condom: do the stolen port

(22:00:18) Condom: LOL

(22:00:19) Condom: ok

(22:00:28) Condom: care if i post what jus happened LOL

(22:00:34) Beautiful: go ahead

(22:00:34) Beautiful: LOL

so yeah. idk.

this port was unrightfully stolen from Beautiful, and idk who owns Guitarist now.

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