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15 August 2009, 12:22 pm

Yep again,


Cause i said so.

This chick/dude whatever has been fucking me off so bad, therefore, i'm making a thread about it.

Ok so, Vlcina asked me about copying my main character "Bipolar" awhile ago, most of you know what the image looks like, but i'll post it in a sec. Anyway, when i seen it i got alittle mad, since it looked just like my character apart from these plushie parts and the inapropriate red penis.

Vlcina's design below;


I let it go after awhile thinking it was cool of Vlcina not to use it or complain, But now she has done the same thing to Smiles design, this time Vlcina didnt ask. I was posted a link when i was offline, got online today and seen it.

Vlcina's design below;


Not only that, I just seen the thread about the port, which is below.

Dont you think this has gone too far? I just found out today that 666vlcina is Vlcina on furc. I feel stupid not noticing it before since the alt Vlcina is always stalking me and ali. I just wanna know if anything can be done about it? I don't see why not since Design theft is just as bad as Art theft.

I also find it strange that she copied Bipolar and Smile, what next? Temper and Menace?

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