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Who did this portrait?
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Who did this portrait?
11 August 2009, 2:46 pm

And is it stolen?

The port in question is seen here:

The one thing that sets me off is how the hair is shaded, that and my confrontation with the person in question, Lopu Light.

I did not recieve permission to post these logs, but I will summerize what he told me.

He claimed a friend 'who quit furc' made the port, they had no dA but when they did play, their name was Sentimental Lopu.

I didn't scream port theif, but the friend thing is always a sign that someone's dodging the subject of stealing a port :/

It reminded me of Slex's style, but I've already noted her and she has told me it is not one of her own ports.

So, does anyone recognize this port, and is it actually legit, or stolen?

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