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7 August 2009, 8:20 am

I took part of the $5 sketches Krr/Poi/FrostRaven  did back in '07 and long story short I haven't gotten the sketch regardless of how many times she told me 'Oh I just need to scan' or 'after the weekend'. I understand the girl went through hard time before people BAWW at me but jesus christ.

I don't appreciate it when I am told 'I will upload it tomorrow' over and over for well over a year. I have even asked for a refund twice now, the last time she said 'I will refund you shortly'. One day, two days, a few weeks, and even now months have gone by and I haven't been refunded. My notes and emails are being read but not replied to and the one time I posted on her dA page I believe she hid it. Not very professional.

I'm sick of this, I know it's 'Just $5' however that is MY money that was given for a service that HASN'T been done. She'd taken other commissions and gotten them done. At this point I just want my damn money back and despite being told to ask for interest for the run arounds and bullshit, I won't cause that's silly.

So, I guess if any of you actually talk to her, please inform her I REALLY want my money back already.

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