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Just some help finding someone
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Just some help finding someone
4 August 2009, 2:18 pm

Well, I'm not really trying to point any fingers here or get anyone into any trouble, I just need some help contacting an artist about a port I paid for back in.. November of 2007, I think? That's the earliest journal I have posted that had the commission listed. So it's coming up on two years, I guess.

ANYWAY, I've sent her numerous PMs and at first she was doing the port, and the like a year later she said it might be best to cancel and just give a refund since she'd lost the WiP and did not play furcadia anymore. So I agreed and gave her my paypal infoz. But then she disappeared again... and then started a new dA account. I only got it 'coz I mentioned my dismay (I had been really looking forward to the port, she is amazing. :]) to a friend and she said she thought she found her new dA. And on it I think she's been taking new port commissions..

So I've been PMing the newest dA to nooooooo avail, unfortunately. I've been careful to be polite and not overbearing or anything.. as I don't want to burden her with stress. I'm not mad or like, OMFGOMFSLDKFJF, but I just want to get this cleared off my list so its one less thing to worry about.

Anyway, if anyone knows her personally, and could maybe talk her into replying to me sometime, it'd be great. 8]

As for the person, I only knew her identity thru dA.

The accounts that I can remember that she's used are: <-- this is the one I commissioned her on <-- this is, as far as I know, her current.

No flaming or ill feelings needed, I just want a reply. ; ;

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