Author Topic: Watch out for Nins xBlack FoxyPaw! (Also, a question at the bottom!)  (Read 281 times)

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Watch out for Nins xBlack FoxyPaw! (Also, a question at the bottom!)
31 July 2009, 11:44 am

The other day I was in the Help Center. I noticed Nins xBlack FoxyPaw run by so I clicked on them. Now, no offence, but last time I saw Nins they had default colors, no digos, ports, or friends. And now 3 weeks later they did? So I saw their port and noticed how the colors didn't even match their player, which to me, was a heads up. :/

Now I may sound like a suspicious person, but there is sometimes a good reason to be. D; So I asked them where they got the port. They wouldn't tell me where they got it. Refused to even mention the artists name. :/

So this was a red flag to me. >< They went on to change their story. They claimed that:

  • They had the port first and the artist stole it from THEM.
  • They owned it.
  • They took it.
  • They took it and didn't know they weren't allowed to.
  • They contacted the Guardians and asked for it to be removed weeks ago.
  • They emailed [email protected] at the same time.

Now, I'd believe the last 2 IF they weren't still walking around with the EDITED port on.

Here is the original:

I have contacted the artist of coarse, but I figured this was worth a warning to you all. ^^

Also, I was wondering.. I noticed this on their website:

Does this port belong to any other artist? From a series maybe? Is it actually Nins'? It looks like it was taken, had a line drawn through the eye, and a signature added..  I wasn't sure so I thought I'd ask.. If they went and stole a port and used it, who knew what else they'd do. >>

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