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29 July 2009, 3:05 pm

(I am posting this here, because it is more of a commission scam than an alt theft or trading fraud. If this isn't the right spot, my bad!)

   A long time ago (okay, a year or so) I sold some Gaia items to Poi. Most of the items were traded for money. That went smoothly, so obviously, that isn’t what this thread is about. She did not have enough money left to buy one of the items she wanted, so I agreed to give it to her in exchange for some art from her. She has taken this item, made no effort whatsoever to uphold her end of the bargain, and ignored all of my attempts to contact her. This is tantamount to theft.

   Apparently, she ‘quit’ Furcadia in November. That doesn’t really matter, since most of my dealings with her occurred outside of the game. I have sent her emails, but either her inbox is full or she gave me a phony address. I have sent her notes on deviantArt. She has read them, but has chosen to ignore them. I have sent her PMs on Gaia Online and FAM. She has read those too, but has chosen to ignore them.

   Several months ago, I created a thread about being swindled by her. Nothing was resolved, and the topic had to be locked by a moderator because of some off-topic bullshit with one of Poi’s friends. Meli created a thread back in March, and that is when her ass finally crawled out from the bridge she lives under and posted. She and I exchanged PMs on Gaia, and it seemed like the issue had finally been resolved. I still wanted a piece from her, so I decided against having the item returned in favor of finally getting some art.

   In the four months since then, Poi has posted several times on Gaia and deviantArt, but I have yet to hear from her, as she has pointedly ignored all of my attempts to contact her. I am almost positive that she has not done any work on my commission whatsoever, nor do I ever expect to receive it. At this point, my concern is not getting my shit back or getting some art from her, but to warn people. She is a liar and a thief.

   If you are a friend of hers, please DO NOT fill this thread with a bunch of whining and excuses. I don’t care if she moved. I don’t care if she had swine flu. If she is so lazy that she can’t spend five minutes replying to a message, there is no excuse for her. And if you want to argue with me about anything I have posted here (even though it is all true), PM me about it. I don’t want a couple of morons getting my topic locked.


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